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Valor # 1 - Núria Güell
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1ª edición
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The work shown in this archive of photographs and texts comprises two parts. The first is a video which shows how the phrase “Tomorrow’s future” is permanently tattooed on the sole of the artist’s right foot. The second is the daily documentation with a scanner showing the wear and tear of the tattooed phrase, a result of the daily friction caused by walking. The process of documenting this comes to an end when all is left is the word “tomorrow” which, due to its place on the foot, will be there all her life.

The inclination of the temporary horizon of the future is one of the characteristics of the western civilization. This trend of projecting ourselves towards the future, conditions the way we live our present. The inculcation of this value is a way of controlling the subject.

forma de control del sujeto.

Núria Güell (1981)

Her work focuses on redefining the ethics practised by the institutions that govern us while detecting the abuse of power that allows established legitimacy and moral hegemony.


Based on research and partnerships, she analyses control strategies that affect our ways of behaviour and thought. The productions take on different formats (installations, archives, books, actions, videos or web sites) and show the strategies of power and control in different contexts to create alternatives or to subvert them. Her work aims to provoke other experiences which alter the existing relationships of power and the handbook “How to Expropriate the Banks” shows us how to enter into this other possible reality: being freely insolvent.


Some recent exhibitions:

Aplicación Legal Desplazada #3: F.I.E.S., 9THE13, Vigo (2012); The Political is Collective-Factions, Art Hall “Passagen”, Linköping, Sweden  (2012); Arte no es Fácil, LinksHall, Chicago (2012); La lección excéntrica, Sala Moncunill, Terrassa (2011).

Valor # 1 Valor # 1 Valor # 1 Valor # 1 Valor # 1


“Value #1″



Núria Güell






First edition of 30



Beech wood frame, glass, printed on Conqueror 240 g and Novamat paper 300 g.



51 x 23 x 1,5 cm



Digitally printed.


All works are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


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