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Tag - Antonio Gagliano
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The pictures in this notebook are like structures for a narrative with no predetermined time that is quite easy to cross for the reader. For the artist, this publication is more than a format presented on paper; it is the tool that turns different materials into a synchronic story, in this case drawings. The drawings, like other visual devices, enable one to link events according to extremely arbitrary narrative tenses.

The references to the world of art, his tags, enable us to identify that "rather twisted field of play" mentioned by this artist and in which we are all supporting actors searching for a great script and plot.


Antonio Gagliano (1982)

The work by Antonio Gagliano uses both drawings and the building of online collective work infrastructures. Like an expanded form of writing, researching several strategies linking historic events, images or stories, his work is always set in the realm of institutional criticism, the socialization of several lines of action and creation (and of creation) by work groups with other local agents. This art practice works like an open map, an amalgam of comics, cartoons, paintings, fanzines, political satire, diagrams, conferences or Powerpoint presentations, historiographies in open code and other techniques on cultural criticism.


The alternative pedagogies and new models of production and management are also work devices for the artist in his production as writer and exhibition curator.


Some recent exhibitions:
Això no és una exposició, tampoc, Fabra i Coats, Centre d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (2012); Confluencies per a la /des/educació, Can Felipa, Barcelona (2010);  La noia que somiava un llumí i un bidó de gasolina, Sala d`Art Jove, Barcelona (2010).


Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag





Antonio Gagliano






First edition of 100



White coaster paper 230 g, compact black cardboard 2 mm.



26 x 21 cm



Digitally printed.


All works are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.