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Sinister Manuscript - Milena Bonilla
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This editorial project consisted of writing Marx’s text with the left hand on notebook paper. Being written with the left hand by a right-handed person means it becomes illegible, the mistakes become more visible along with the clumsiness, the heavy-handed motor function of the left hand is much clearer than the narrative content. The text becomes an image of impossibility, the impossibility of the left to speak, say and decide what is said for there is no command, no skill, no virtuosity, no rhetoric and mostly no power. The text becomes art, brushstrokes, an artistic sign because of lack of skill.


Originally Das Capital/ Sinister Manuscript intended to publish three versions of the book corresponding to the purchasing power of each buyer: One luxury edition (9 books) for collectors with a high price which would be sold in the gallery; a collection edition which would be sold to the general public (500 books); and a pirate edition (1000 books) which would be channelled through second hand bookshops, shops close to universities, etc… Therefore we thought of the production of a book which would work like an artwork while questioning the format itself that was being used, using as a reference the openly critical content of the original text.


Arts coming has chosen to reedit the intermediate version with a first run of 50 copies.


Milena Bonilla (1975)

Milena Bonilla’s work focuses on the images that societies build to portray themselves and the contradictions implied in such representations. One recurring theme in her work is exploring the notion of control and its variables, as an attempt to establish a bridge between the extremes of chaos/knowledge; from here she presents her projects and exercises which touch on control as a moral construction and the way this becomes part of our close friends (affections) and ideologies.


From her early days as an artist she has worked with the relationship between nature and culture, considering it to be like a binary dynamics framed by specific social and economic conditions. Milena Bonilla is currently exploring nature as an institution colonised by language and consumed on a large scale through images.


Although Bonilla uses art as a tool of process and thought, her current production is portrayed through several media, among which are: sculptures, photography and video, interventions in public space and art installations.


Some recent exhibitions:

2013/14 An Endles Present, Galeria Marilia Razuk, Sao Paulo BR; 2013 The Army, Stigter van Doesburg’s project space, Amsterdam NL; An Endless Present, Mor Charpentier, Paris FR; 2012 Frame –Frieze Art Fair, Mor Charpentier, solo presentation, London GB; Opus Incertum, SKMU Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Kristiansand NO; 2011 Untitled (12th. Istanbul Biennial), solo presentation, Istanbul TR

Sinister Manuscript Sinister Manuscript Sinister Manuscript Sinister Manuscript Sinister Manuscript Sinister Manuscript Sinister Manuscript Sinister Manuscript


El Capital/Manuscrito siniestro



Milena Bonilla






First edition of 50 u.



22,5 x 16 cms



Digital print

356 pages