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Otto-Bloch - Dani Montlleó
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1ª edición
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An articulated wooden figure, hand painted by the artist himself. Each piece is identical while also unique. The figure, like a totem pole, brings together in one headless body, a number of the symbols the Nazis used to brand the prisoners in concentration camps together with other symbols which are part of the iconographic affinities of the artist, and then he combines and interprets the analogies and aesthetic discrepancies of the codes into compulsive reading, pointing out the persistence of the human cultural habit of summing up and representing ideas and concepts through synthesized images, i.e. symbols.

sintetizada, los símbolos.

Dani Montlleó (1966)

Artist Dani Montlleó coordinates research processes that cover visual and conceptual genealogies of modernity and their myths under the Spoon Syndicate brand. With the use of music, architecture, cinema or fashion, he tells stories about identities, productions or situations that are part of our culture by showing fictional views of new stories. He is interested in the meaning of modernity in the 20th century, the ideology of Utopia, the notion of comfort, the effect of standardization or the concept of version and B movies, he makes drawings, buildings and videos that have the power to move against the flow among episodes of Soviet constructivism or the surfing culture of California.


A garment, a piece of furniture, a logo or some kind of architecture are the starting point for this eccentric research which, with a long process of documenting, interprets the histories of our culture that go against the grain. The maps, the models or dolls made by the artist represent the hidden psyches of the official history.


Some recent exhibitions:

Al portal de casa i els constructors, Can Palauet, Mataró (2012); Doppelgänger Goldfinger, Argentona (2011-2012); From Page to space: (Weserburg) (Bremen), Fundaçao Serralves, Porto (2011); De Gray a Gray nº 2, EspaiZero1, Olot (2010); Merchandpromo-Yves, Centre d’Art Santa Mònica, Barcelona (2007); Plagiarismo, La casa encendida, Madrid (2005).

Otto-Bloch Otto-Bloch Otto-Bloch Otto-Bloch Otto-Bloch Otto-Bloch Otto-Bloch Otto-Bloch



(The Townshend Shirt)



Dani Montlleó






First edition of 50



Vaporized beech wood, enamel lacquer-satin finish polyurethane.



15 x 6 x 3,5 cm



Action figure.

Hand-painted by the artist.

Includes text written by the artist.
All works are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


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