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Nichts fuer das vaterland - F. Sánchez Castillo
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Writing a text to discuss a piece that is a text may seem like an unnecessary activity. However it appears that one must invest heavily in the big lie that abounds in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and... 


The greatest genocides in human history have been committed under the invention of homelands. The individual conscience of citizens has been manipulated using actual physical, and also emotional and rational, abduction. Homelands change, mutate, transform, grow and shrink; people... 


By opposing coercive messages we reproduce (with the same typeface and material as the states) messages of sedition and freedom, so as not to forget. 


With this work Fernando Sánchez Castillo causes us to question the rational and emotional relevance of the concept of "homeland" and the use that power has given him throughout history.


“Fernando Sánchez Castillo (1970) A graduate of the Complutense University of Madrid, he received a Master’s degree in Philosophy from the Institute of Contemporary Aesthetics of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. he was a member of the ENSBA research group in Paris and a resident at the Rijksakademie in Masterdam. He has tried to keep distance from Spain and its contemporary history since the beginning of his career, even if it becomes repeated material in many of his interventions. He does not consider this contemporary art practice to be culture, but rather cultural critique, as Jan Hoet asserts. His practices have links to historiography, journalism an the ambiguos relations between power and its propaganda.



Some recents exhibitions2014 Invisible Violence - Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Belgrade; Fernando Sánchez Castillo und Gabriele Edlbauer - OK Offenes Kulturhaus OÖ, Linz; The Marvelous Real – Contemporary Spanish And Latin American Art From The Musac Collection - Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT), Tokyo; 2013 bunny smahs - Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT), Tokyo; Göteborg Biennial 2013 – Play! Recapturing The Radical Image - Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art, Gothenburg; Artificial Amsterdam - de Appel Boys’ School, Amsterdam; Le Pont - MAC Musées d´Art Contemporain Marseille, Marseille;

2012 Guernica Syndrome - Kunstverein Braunschweig, Braunschweig; 2011 Guernica Syndrome -Tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam; Fernando Sánchez Castillo - Galeria de Arte Contemporaneo T20, Murcia; Fernando Sánchez Castillo - CAC Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Málaga; 2010 Fernando Sánchez Castillo. Episodios Nacionales. Táctica - Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, Madrid.

Nichts fuer das vaterland Nichts fuer das vaterland Nichts fuer das vaterland


Nichts fuer das vaterland



Fernando Sánchez Castillo






First edition of 50






97,8 x 5,3 x 0,3 cm



All works are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.