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Las Muertes Chiquitas - Mireia Sallarès
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The interdisciplinary project entitled "Las Muertes Chiquitas" is the result of four year’s work carried out by Mireia Sallarès. The project’s epicentre is a documentary featuring interviews or conversations with over 30 women in various parts of Mexico; women of several ages, from different social classes, and various professions and religions.

These conversations conform a striking documentary in great depth, which the artist complements with a book written in the first person which continues to build the dialogues.


"The female orgasm, "las muertes chiquitas", shared or alone, erotic or frustrated, these are the starting point to establish public and private, erotic and political connections. The most intimate part of sexuality lies on the stage of public pleasure, of eroticism construed and starting from several means of ideological, religious, cultural movement and control"1. This is a project which provokes thought on the political condition of being women from the viewpoint of pleasure, armed struggle, trans-sexuality, prostitution, sickness, exile and the theology of liberation, femicide and ethical commitment.


1-Pluralidades Orgásmicas, Helena Braunštajn


Mireia Sallarès (1973)

The works by Mireia Sallarès result from her research into concepts and problematic experiences on how each individual becomes what he or she is. Life’s stories, claimed as world heritage, are the centre of her research on the structures of social and cultural contexts in which we are all immersed.

Based on sociology and cultural anthropology, she conducts research into the real-life stories of people and groups in certain geographical areas (France, United States, Mexico and Venezuela). The condition of being an immigrant is an indispensable register in her work. Based on audiovisual media, interviews, interventions in public areas and books, her art reflects on such concepts as the truth, violence, pleasure, love, memory or status, through documentaries and political commitment.


Some recent exhibitions:

Se escapó desnuda. Un proyecto sobre la verdad.Caracas 2011-2012, Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona (2012); Las muertes chiquitas en Tiempos Violentos, Museo Carrillo Gil, México D.F (2011); Las muertes chiquitas, New York University & Clemente Soto Velez Center, New York (2010); Las muertes chiquitas, Centro Cultural Paso Norte de Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua (2010); Las 7 Cabronas e Invisibles de Tepito, en Obstinado Tepito, México D.F. (2009).

Las Muertes Chiquitas Las Muertes Chiquitas Las Muertes Chiquitas Las Muertes Chiquitas Las Muertes Chiquitas Las Muertes Chiquitas Las Muertes Chiquitas


“Las Muertes Chiquitas”



Mireia Sallarès






First edition of 50



Mexican paper cutting (handmade); black marble-like card 420 g.



50,5 x 35 cm



The piece has been handcrafted in Mexico by artisan Miguel Santibáñez.

Includes text written by the artist.


All works are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


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